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NewAge Robots create robots that help people with chores so people can focus on the work they care most about. We have an extraordinary and fast-growing technical team who seamlessly combine advanced analytical thinking with bold engineering and boots-in-the-mud practicality.

Enabling the Workforce of the Future

NewAge Robots is revolutionizing the future of work across the private and public sectors through its advanced line of robotic products that augment, rather than replace, humans. By combining the intelligence, instinct, and judgment of humans with the strength, endurance, and precision of machines, the result is a workforce that is not only safer but significantly more productive.


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NewAge Robots combines world-class robotics expertise and we offer flexible research, development, and support to ensure your success.


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What we do

Serving categories of robotics industries

Hospitality Industry

From chatbots to robot assistants, the use of robots in the hospitality industry has become more widespread. The use of robots can be considered a bit trickier because they would be required to interact directly with humans. Human responses are largely less predictable than machine communication.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry includes applications of robots including welding, painting, assembly, disassembly, picking and place for printed circuit boards, packaging and labeling, palletizing, product inspection, and testing; all accomplished with high endurance, speed, and precision.

Military & defence

Defense robots are professional service robots that are deployed by the military in combat scenarios. They're often intended to enhance a soldier's existing capabilities while keeping them out of harm's way as much as possible.

Law Enforcement

Robots are used for functions like mine clearance, explosive ordnance disposal, search and rescue, combat support, intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance. They are also used by other emergency services like firefighting and neighborhood watch duties.

Personal Assistance and Caregiving

We all go through the same amount of pain when we try to catch up to our homes’ endless list of daily tasks. However personal robot assistants can help you with day-to-day household tasks, making life more comfortable. These little companions make your home run more efficiently, with less work for you


Equipped in customer interaction, customer engagement and customer experience. In addition to equipping the robot with product information and using it to boost brand value, retailers also have the option of connecting it to their inventory database and CRM system


Specifically, in healthcare, humanoids are proving their worth in assisting surgeries, disinfecting rooms, dispensing medication, and significant other activities.


The main area of application of robots in agriculture today is at the harvesting stage. Emerging applications of robots or drones in agriculture include weed control, cloud seeding, planting seeds, harvesting, environmental monitoring and soil analysis.


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